Speaking of travel it is domestic.

Speaking of travel destinations in Japan, it is definitely Okinawa! I went...

Speaking of travel destinations in Japan, it is definitely Okinawa! I went to Okinawa at the time of a junior college graduation trip. I was a student and I did not have much money, so it was a cruise from Kagoshima via Miyakojima. Naturally, because it shakes very much, although it seemed to be seasickness, I felt fresh because there was no experience of sleeping on a ship. It was early spring, so it was a bit early to enter the ocean, but I was deeply moved by the blueness of the sea. I heard that there are so beautiful places in Japan. The blue sky and the blue sea. Time to flow gently. There is a life that is far from my daily life. When I grew up in a place like this, I thought that it seemed that I could become a big person. In the evening, Okinawan cuisine such as Mimiga and Goya Champuru are on offer. My favorite is bean curd of peanuts called Gamemi Tofu. That mouth feeling is going to be scratchy. Also, the morning market was also very impressive. Because in the market it was Japan and it felt like it was not in Japan. I do not understand the words at all! Everyone is talking in Okinawa dialect, but it is really tiny. Is not English better enough to listen to the word yet? Is it? I thought it was. That was really surprising. Okinawa travel, it is really recommended! It is!

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