Speaking of travel it is domestic.

Now, if I go on a domestic trip, I'd like to go to No.

Now, if I go on a domestic trip, I'd like to go to No. 1 ""Okinawa"". Actually I have not been there but I'd like to see that blue sea with my own eyes First of all I would like to travel over the main island of Okinawa. Enjoy the sea by swimming in the sea or snorkeling. After that it is meal. Okinawa has a lot of unique delicacies, so it seems I will get lost from which one I will eat. I can not remove Okinawa soba absolutely, I would like to try authentic chinese noodles. I also have to eat kore because Sandar Argy to eat in Okinawa seems to be different from selling it here! I definitely want to go to the island if I go to Okinawa for the second time. I do not know because I am not familiar with it, but I do not want to go somewhere on the island and go somewhere, I want to spend time relaxed. About a week or so. I do not need a TV or a PC, just listening to only the sound of nature I can work right away because it is not working now, no matter what the other party ... Because there are only people working, so I will go with them It is hard to find an opponent. It seems interesting to travel alone though.

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